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Lace Paste was founded by Jacque Monae, a Master Cosmetologist, Wig Maker and Colorist.

With over 15 years of experience behind the chair, I decided to combine my product knowledge and expert skills to build a haircare line that embodies beauty and wellness through my products. 

With a niche for creating beautiful wigs and unique colors, and wanting products that delivered, Lace Paste was born.  


Hair has always been a passion of mines and something I was naturally good at, being that I'am the oldest of five and have always had to care for my younger siblings hair. See, my journey all begin in The Bahamas at the age of 12 ... when my grandmother grew tired of waiting in the hair salon all day and decided to take me with her so, I could watch how the ladies were installing her church bun lol, because she knew I was a fast learner.

Fast forward, I decided to quit my job at 21 to pursue my dreams of being a Professional Hairstylist and have been an entrepreneur ever since. Though it was not easy, I fought my purpose all along the way, and instead of enrolling myself into Cosmetology school, I obtained a degree in the Criminal Justice Field and once I graduated, I then realized, I made a huge mistake. The following month I decided to enroll myself into Cosmetology school and obtained my Cosmetology Degree in a year.

I knew I wanted more out of the Hair and Beauty world. Now having my Cosmetologist Degree, and only two weeks after graduating Cosmetology School, I decided to move to Atlanta.

Then in 2016, only two years after moving here, I opened my very first salon J. Monae Salon | Wigs | Extensions. Through those years, I had a niche for creating beautiful wigs, unique colors, and styling. 

I perfected my wig making craft and decided in 2019 to close my salon and go strictly digital with my J. Monae Wig Line. I felt like the market was still missing something and I wanted a product that delivered, so Lace Paste was born.  

I wanted to create a product line that would allow women to still be able to keep up with their hair and wigs ...because we all know that when you look good, you feel good.

I spent almost a year researching, testing and developing this product line. I still cant believe its now a reality but I want to encourage you all to never give up and pursue that goal or vision you that God placed inside of you. I'm so grateful for this journey and I'm only getting started. Thank you again for all of your support.

xoxo, Jacque Monae

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